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When people buy something like a car or a tv, many people will spend thousands of dollars, but not hundreds of thousands of dollars such as when they buy a property. Going online and/or researching the item you want to buy can help with the decision to purchase. At Property Simplicity we believe you should do your own research. Equally, we believe you should have the opportunity to access expert advice and research to ensure your property transaction is the right one for you at the right price, otherwise, it could cost you dearly.

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Property Finding

Once we define your property needs, you can engage us to find a property for you. Our property finding service could literally save you thousands. This service comes with a guarantee, if we don’t find at least one property under your requirements, you will get your money back in full!

Inspecting and reporting

One of our licensed experts will attendĀ and inspect a property for you. Our experts will provide you a report and short video (if permitted) of the inspection.


Whether you selected a property through us or by yourself, we will be by your side and on your side including for the purchase and until settlement. We will assist you with the negotiation and all the requirements such as building and pest inspection.