Welcome to Property Simplicity


When selling properties it became clear to us that many buyers simply did not have the experience or the ability to pay for an expensive buyer’s agent to help them make the best choice for them, that’s why Property Simplicity was born.

The Team

Marco Poggi


Before moving to BrisbaneĀ at age 18, Marco grew up in Italy and understands the value of hard work. He now lives and works in Brisbane and he is the founder of Property Simplicity. He has built an extensive network in real estate and specialises in purchasing properties in and around South East Queensland. Marco has sold and purchased well and in excess over 100 properties since coming to Queensland. He uses his expertise, local knowledge and extensive network to make sure his clients purchase the best property for them.

“For me, there’s nothing more valuable in business than knowing the right people. I use my expertise and extensive network to help my clients to buy the best property for them.”

Marc Prospero


Marc has extensive experience across multiple industries including real estate. He has been the principal of his own real estate agency and sold over 60 properties in one year – a record. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that you receive an honest and informative response to your request. He has realised thousands in savings for his clients, as well as ensuring that they avoid ‘being sold a lemon’.

Marc says, “I became sick and tired of seeing people pay too much for a property, only to call me to sell it and me having to give them the bad news – it simply shouldn’t happen in the first place”.

Marc holds numerous qualifications in business.