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Looking to invest overseas?

We discussed already the Real Estate Market in Australia, which currently seems to be the one with more growth but sometimes, depending from different factors like your borrow capacity or exclusive opportunities, overseas countries have a lot to offer if you have the right contacts.

Let’s first analyse the different overseas markets:

  1. Europe

    Since 2016, the European Market saw a growth after years of decline, and it’s expected to continue to grow for the next 6-7 years. Italy has been the last country to see the growth with a steady rate, and it’s expected to be the last one to stop. Many German and Swiss investors are now looking in different areas of the country for properties that most people only dream about. With a good accountant and a good property consultant, you can avoid extra taxes and find properties with upto a 12% rental yield!

    European prices usually very thought. Some location can be terribly expensive, whilst some might be incredibly cheap. So before thinking of making a deal, you might consider speaking to an expert.


  2. USA

    The American Market is very wide and various. USA has seen a boom in price from 1996 to 2006, followed by the housing market crash and global crisis. It has started recovering and growing again in the last couple years though. Real Estate demand has grown exponentially, and cities like Seattle and Dallas have seen a growth of 8-10% respectively in 2016 alone. The low prices offer a great opportunity for Australians that want to start with low budgets and make a quick profit.


  3. Asia

    Low cost of living, amazing landscapes and proximity to Australia, make Asia a great location for Investors to join in the Real Estate development and property investing game. Some places in Asia offer great opportunities, but a new evolving market may be affected by law changes and oversupply, keep an eye out for the implementation of these laws.


Making the right choice might just buy yourself the ultimate holiday lifestyle, while also making a good profit from it. So if you have other questions, get in touch with us and have a look at our exclusive overseas properties.

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