The Potential Of Renovation

There are many reasons to renovate your house, changing things up a bit, making your neighbours envious or to make more room for an expanding family, the reasons are infinite. We have compiled 5 reason why we believe you should renovate your property;

  1. Add Value Before You Sell


    You might have decided to sell your property, but your property may not stand out as much as the other properties on your street, which could potentially affect the sale price of your house. When this is the case, a lot of people will make some quick changes to their property like adding cheap IKEA furniture, adding a few new lights, painting certain areas of the house, here are the pros and cons to doing things cheap:


    –            Low money needed for renovations

    –            If done by the right expert it will apply a big change to the look of your property


    –            It can look new but the actual quality will be low and most buyers will notice it

    The best type of Reno is one with a good balance between time and money spent. Usually, new carpets, new tiles, new kitchen bench, fresh paint external and internal, polished floors and a new bathroom, will drastically change your properties look for a small amount of money.


  2. Love Your Property

    You want a new home but you don’t want to sell or move out. Well using some experts you can take ideas from other properties you like and apply it to yours. You can really have your dream home by not moving out from your dream spot


  3. Invest In Your Investment!

    So you have some investment properties that are not performing too well, or that you feel need a makeover. The same rules apply here as the rules for adding value before selling; To cheap, it will look worse, too expensive, you could make people think it is out of their budget. By making the right changes you will be able to charge a higher rent and sell for more in the future.


  4. Buying Your Next Property

    You have done it, you sold your property and now you’re looking for the next one, but the ones you want are out of your budget. This is not always a bad thing. Buy a cheaper home and make it exactly how you like with the leftover budget

  5. Bigger family, Bigger House
    Your family is growing and so should your space. You can extend your property to make it bigger, and make it a little more livable for the new arrivals in the family. Extending your property is always an option, just make sure you use the right professionals.

So as you can see, renovating a property is great if done well, and if what you have been reading excites you, get in touch and ask some questions. Our friendly staff are always here to help.

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